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Why it’s Time For McLaren To Enter The CPO Business

McLaren started a CPO or Certified Pre-Owned program to sell their used vehicles.

If you’ve tried to buy a used car lately then you know how high prices have climbed but just know that paying those higher prices doesn’t mean you are getting a better car for your money. In fact, sometime you are paying more for the car than it originally cost. 

So how do you know what you are getting is worth the price? Since the late 90’s most manufacturers started a CPO or Certified Pre-Owned program. These programs were designed to take their low mileage trade-ins and least returns and resell them with detailed inspections, reconditioning, extended warranties, extra perks, and added peace of mind to the customer.  

Enter McLaren 2021. In a story on by Wes Raynal, he discusses why McLaren is getting into the CPO business and what they have to offer. The company says it must be in “prime” condition and pass a comprehensive, multi-point exam. McLaren says the exam includes checking that each car has received all servicing and maintenance and has McLaren approved tires with at least 3 mm (seems really low to me) of tread left. It will be prepped so it is “immaculate” inside and out, the company says, and will only be fitted with genuine McLaren parts.

McLaren Brakes

Each CPO McLaren will have a one-year warranty, minimum, including road-side assistance. There is no mileage limit, and the warranty covers the cost of parts and labor for eligible repairs done at McLaren dealers and service centers by McLaren-trained technicians. The warranty covers all factory fitted components with no limit to the number of claims and is upgradable to two years if you wish. 

To read more on Wes Raynal’s story in Autoweek click here

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