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High-Octane Flavors and Classic Cars: A Tantalizing Recap of Georgia BBQ Day at Big Green Egg HQ

The Metro Motorcar Club recently celebrated Georgia BBQ Day in style at the Big Green Egg headquarters, hosting the latest Cooks & Cars Show.
Metro Motorcar Club Celebrates Georgia BBQ Day at the Big Green Egg HQ in Atlanta with another Cooks & Cars Show.

The Metro Motorcar Club recently celebrated Georgia BBQ Day in style at the Big Green Egg headquarters, hosting the latest Cooks & Cars Show. This event managed to blend the raw horsepower of exotic, classic, and even electric automobiles with the savory, smoky flavors of expertly cooked BBQ, creating an unforgettable experience for all attendees.

The spectacle of cars on display was nothing short of impressive, showcasing the passion and dedication of their owners. From sleek and futuristic electric models pushing the boundaries of automotive technology to painstakingly restored classics that echoed the golden age of motoring, each vehicle told a story.

Among the vehicles showcased were the brand-new Aston Martin DB12, the 2001 Porsche 911 Turbo, ’67 Mustang, ’65 Mustang, a classic Corvette, a Defender, an AMG SL65, Porsche Speedster Replica, various BMWs, and Mercedes Benz models.

Amidst this automotive marvel, Chef Guy and his dedicated support staff from the Big Green Egg Culinary Center took center stage, demonstrating their culinary expertise. Utilizing the versatility and superior cooking capabilities of the Big Green Egg, they served up a variety of BBQ dishes that were as diverse and flavorful as the array of cars surrounding them.

Rob D'Amico, Ed Fisher and Ed Reilly.
Rob D'Amico, Ed Fisher and Ed Reilly

Ed Reilly, a prominent figure in the grilling scene, played a pivotal role in putting Georgia BBQ Day on the state’s calendar. In 2022, Reilly’s advocacy and passion for barbecue culminated in the official proclamation of March 25th as Georgia BBQ Day, a testament to the state’s rich barbecue culture. His dedication to promoting the art of barbecue has not only elevated its status within Georgia but also highlighted the Big Green Egg as the quintessential tool for crafting the perfect BBQ. Reilly’s efforts underscore his belief that when it comes to cooking BBQ, there is no better option than the precision and versatility provided by a Big Green Egg, making each celebration of Georgia BBQ Day a deliciously smoky homage to the state’s culinary tradition.

Ed Fisher, the visionary founder of Big Green Egg, also graced the event, sharing in the excitement and camaraderie of Georgia BBQ Day. His presence was a testament to the enduring legacy and popularity of the Big Green Egg among BBQ aficionados and culinary experts alike. Mingling with fans and car enthusiasts, Fisher’s participation not only celebrated the innovative spirit of his creation but also highlighted the undeniable bond between the art of grilling and the automotive passion that fueled the day’s festivities. His engagement with attendees added a personal touch, reinforcing the Big Green Egg’s pivotal role in transforming backyard BBQs into gourmet culinary experiences.

Black Girls Grilling with ED Fisher
Black Girls Grilling and Ed Fisher

Adding to the day’s festivities, Felicia and India, aka the ladies of “Black Girls Grilling,” and popular influencers for the Big Green Egg, were also on hand to dazzle attendees with their grilling prowess. Demonstrating their culinary skills, they grilled up some mouthwatering ribs and a uniquely savory smoked cheese dip, drawing a crowd eager to taste their creations. Their presence highlighted the diverse community that the Big Green Egg brings together … there’s nothing quite like the joy of bringing friends, family, and neighbors together to grill over live-fire!

This event not only highlighted the community’s shared love for great food and unique cars but also showcased the Big Green Egg as an indispensable tool for any BBQ aficionado. The memories made at the Cooks & Cars Show are a testament to the vibrant culture surrounding both culinary and automotive enthusiasts in Georgia.

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