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Enzo Ferrari Evokes Great Memories as We Celebrate his Birthday

On February 18th (or 20th), the world proudly commemorates Enzo Ferrari for both his birthday and remarkable legacy in the automotive world.
Ferrari Club of America's Atlanta Chapter visits Modena Restaurant to celebrate Enzo Ferrari's Birthday

It is important to note that Enzo Ferrari was allegedly born on February 18th, 1898 in Modena, Italy. However, due to a significant snowstorm at the time of his birth, it prevented his father from registering his birth on that day. Later, the midwife made the report for February 24th, 1898 and filled out his birth date as February 20th, 1898. It’s a mystery.

Enzo Ferrari was a very famous figure in the world of car racing. He also started the luxury sports car company called Ferrari. People all over the world love and admire Ferrari cars because they are so well made and fast. Every year on February 18th, we celebrate Enzo Ferrari’s birthday and remember everything he did to make such amazing cars.

Ferrari clubs are groups of Ferrari enthusiasts who share a common passion for the brand and its history. They often organize events and activities to celebrate Enzo Ferrari’s birthday, such as car shows, rallies, and gatherings. These events are a chance for Ferrari owners to show off their cars and share their love of the brand with other passionate Ferrari fans.

I was fortunate enough to join the Ferrari Club of America’s Georgia Chapter for lunch and a car meet at Modena Ristorante Vinoteca in Marietta, Ga. I heard incredible stories from some members about their journey toward becoming proud owners of Ferraris, where their fascination with these cars comes from, and how they incorporate them into their daily lives. It was truly an honor and amazing time was had by all!

Ferrari Club of America's Atlanta Chapter visits Modena Restaurant to celebrate Enzo Ferrari's Birthday

Ferrari Evokes Great Memories

The Ferrari brand evokes some great memories for its owners. Many have passed their cherished vehicles on to their children, while others eagerly awaited the creation of an Italian masterpiece—such as the F8 Spider—to come of the line in Modena, Italy. We saw all types of Ferrari models today, such as the 308 GTB, Mondial Cabriolet, 355, 360, 430, 599 ,FF, California, 458, Roma and SF90. Please see the pictures from today’s event below.

Enzo Ferrari’s legacy has continued to inspire Ferrari enthusiasts for decades. From the very first Ferrari car to ever be made, Enzo’s relentless drive for excellence and his enthusiasm for racing is unmistakable. People celebrate Enzo Ferrari’s birthday to remember him and all that he did. He was a very special man, and by celebrating his birthday, we keep his memory alive.

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