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A Road Trip from Art to Automobiles and Racing History

Picture this: a road trip that includes art from Bob Ross, exotic automobiles from Foreign Cars Italia and a stop at the Winston Cup Museum.
Picture of the Bee Safe Racing Team Ferrari 488 that raced in LeMans

Join us for an exhilarating adventure across offbeat destinations that redefine the concept of a “road trip.” Buckle up as we embark on a whirlwind tour, beginning in Atlanta, Georgia, and exploring charming cities such as Raleigh, Greensboro, and Winston-Salem, NC. 

The Serenity of Bob Ross in Rocky Mount:

Our first stop is a tribute to artistic serenity—the Bob Ross Exhibition at the Wesleyan University in Rocky Mount. Who hasn’t heard of the iconic Bob Ross and his “happy little trees”? Ross was more than an artist; he was a cultural phenomenon. His soothing voice and ability to create mesmerizing landscapes in just 30 minutes captivated audiences for years. Not to mention, his impeccably groomed afro added to his charisma and allure, leaving a lasting impression.

The exhibition in Rocky Mount encapsulates Ross’s career and impact on art. Walking through the gallery felt like entering a world painted with his trademark happy colors. Each artifact whispered tales of the artist’s soul, immersing us in a serene realm of creativity—a tranquil beginning to our extraordinary road trip.


Exotic Thrills at Foreign Cars Italia:

Next on our itinerary was a detour that would excite any automobile enthusiast—the Foreign Cars Italia. This place isn’t your typical car showroom; it’s a treasure trove for car aficionados. Our excitement was beyond words when we discovered the American Ferrari Team, which participated in 2022 Le Mans 24, at the third oldest Ferrari dealership in the country.

This Ferrari 488 GTE racing car is the last 488 GTE car to be built by Michelotto and raced at LeMans. The Bee Safe Racing team was the only American Ferrari team competing in the GT Pro category with factory teams. The car had been completed mere weeks before the famous LeMans race, and raced the entire 24 hours finishing 5th.

The showroom boasts an impressive collection of luxury Italian cars, including Maseratis and of course, Ferraris. Also attached to their dealership was the German manufacturer of Porsche, but we fellow Italians won’t hold that against them.

Foreign Cars of Italia offers a unique experience that takes car enthusiasts beyond the limits of the usual car dealership. The atmosphere was electric, and the staff was incredibly knowledgeable. Special thanks to Corey the GM and Mark for their wonderful hospitality, wish we had more time for the visit. Not to mention, their lineup of cars is second to none, making this a must-visit destination for any Ferrari owner or gearheads for that matter.

We will definitely be back to Foreign Cars Italia!

Racing through History at the NASCAR Winston Cup Museum

Our final stop on our journey took us towards Winston-Salem, home to the Winston Cup Museum. For racing enthusiasts, this place is a shrine to the legacy of NASCAR. The museum holds a treasure trove of memorabilia, cars, and anecdotes that trace the evolution of the sport.

However, there was a bittersweet tinge to our visit. The museum’s impending auction, signaling the dispersal of this historic collection, added a poignant touch to our experience. It was a privilege to behold these artifacts as they prepared to find new homes after being auctioned at Mecum in Kissimmee, FL. Nevertheless, we were grateful for the opportunity to witness these pieces of history before bidding adieu.

The museum is more than just a collection; it’s a tribute to the legends who shaped NASCAR into what it is today. It also serves as a reminder of the importance of preserving and honoring racing history. If you know my history in racing media you know this has a special place in my heart. As they say, “Once you catch the racing bug, it’s with you forever”. The same applies to my deep-rooted passion for automobiles, as both will forever remain a part of who I am.

As we conclude our unique road trip odyssey, one thing is crystal clear—this wasn’t your ordinary day trip. This offbeat adventure wasn’t just about the destinations; it was about the thrill of the unexpected. It was about stepping off the beaten path and embracing the unconventional. It was about finding joy in the serenity of art, the thrill of rare automobiles, and the thundering history of racing—all within a day’s journey.

So, to anyone seeking an offbeat road trip, heed this tale as a testament that extraordinary experiences await those willing to venture off the conventional routes. For us, it was a day etched in memories—a day where uniqueness met adventure, and the ordinary was left far behind.

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